vendredi 1 février 2013

[Feather] *Little cow*

* Little cow*

I’m little cow
Full of joy, not a trace of sorrow
I’m fond of my mummy
I feel so good when she’s next to me

The sun goes away
And with the stars, the moon went to play

I’m little cow
I’m afraid of the scarecrow
He took my mummy
I feel so alone, deeply

So many times the sun went away
On my heart, the tears made their way

I was little cow
And you’re eating me now
My shadow you don’t even see
But the person lying down to your plate is me

No more sun
To feed you, human

Little cow joined the stars
Away from the humans, so far
He’s waiting for his mummy
Who’s still suffering from human’s cruelty

Milk or meat
Be ashamed if that poison you eat


P.S. : Je ne me prends pas pour une écrivaine, mais si vous partagez ce texte, merci de préciser qu'il vient de moi et de citer mon blog svp. Ayant été plagiée une fois, je prends les devants ;)

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