jeudi 18 juillet 2013

[Feather] Mister Meat Eater

 *Mister Meat Eater*

You're so cool,
A vegan hater
You can't stand these fools,
These lettuce lovers

 You're kinda a diet specialist
Anyway, animals can't suffer
Vegetables aren't on your list
You're a spare ribs sucker

You live for steacks
Vegans are just heretics
You'd like to wring their necks
These people are so pathetic

Hey Mister Meat Eater,
What's happening?
Heard you've got a cancer?
And your stomach is dying?

I feel sorry for you
You refused to open your eyes
Now the meat industry is killing you
And in the ignorance, you slowly die

Goodbye Mister Meat Eater
I don't bear grudges
I don't like when a living beeing suffers
And let you now, with your judges

Maybe, I'll plant carrots on your grave.

 P.S.: "Mister Meat Eater" a été pour moi une façon d'extérioriser ma colère face à la énième personne qui s'en est prise gratuitement à moi parce que je suis vegan.
P.S bis. : Je ne me prends pas pour une écrivaine, mais si vous partagez ce texte, merci de préciser qu'il vient de moi et de citer mon blog svp. Ayant été plagiée une fois, je prends les devants ;)

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